Özdemir Group, which is founded in 1986, today, not only supplies the customers’ raw material needs but also has a wide production chain consisting of gas springs, bonnel springs, packaging nylon, cardboards, staples, adhesives, elastic and narrow webbing with its brands which are identified with quality.

Özdemir Group, which started its business life with the sales of paints and chemical products quarter century ago, extended its production line in 90’s with the entry of forest products. Parallel to the growth in the sector, in 2000, with the investment in Kayseri Organized Industry Zone, along with the paints and forest products; hard felt, coil springs, fiber, spunbonded nonwoven, staples and other hundreds of products are introduced and put into the service of its customer, with Özdemir quality.


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Özdemir Group

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Trademark registration certificate


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